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Pastor Charles Papenfuss is currently serving as Resurrection's vacancy pastor.

Pastor's Bio

So that you might know a little bit about me, I've cut and pasted some information about me that I sent you a few days ago. Here it is: Grew up on a farm in the hills of southeastern Minnesota, youngest of 8 kids. Went to Luther High School in Onalaska, Wisconsin, which inspired me to the ministry. Graduated from the Seminary in 1978 Married Kim Paul that same year. She's a nurse. Three children, now all married with children of their own. 6 grandchildren. Assigned to Kokomo Indiana, for my first parish Missionary in Lusaka, Zambia, Africa for 7 and one-half years 20 and one-half years in Waukesha, Wisconsin While in Waukesha, part-time missionary to Nigeria, Africa, for 7 years The last 5 and one-half years in Milwaukee, Wisconsin Just retired on June 25 Hobbies: Planning trips, traveling, snorkeling, riding motorcyles, watching all kinds of sports, especially baseball